Tess Nielsen is a STEAM educator with research interests in media arts, education technology, teacher preparation, and the digital aesthetic. Locally, she is in demand as a presenter and clinician in STEAM education technology as well as cultural non-profit development.

Her research and writing interests cover the broader paradigm shifts in the ways in which we engage with digital media. This qualitative, interdisciplinary approach impacts youth culture in relationship to classroom learning. Through scholarly activities, combined with many years of classroom experience, Dr. Nielsen’s teaching practice is grounded in innovative and relevant research.

She earned her doctorate in Musical Arts from Boston University, with a master’s degree from the Catholic University of America, and a bachelor degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a sought-after presenter on a number of topics that include adolescent digital media consumption and production, integrative curriculum design, and music teacher training. As mentor and advisor to several international and non-profit organizations, Dr. Nielsen promotes community arts and technology development.